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Kari Renaud bio
crystals for gardens

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your design.  You are the bomb" 

— C.F. 

"Some incredibly unique and beautiful designs that perfectly complemented my home and the surroundings. Perhaps most importantly she was trustworthy and transparent in all our interactions.   Best of the best."

— E.M

Kari was so easy to work with, very professional and responsive. She used her extensive knowledge of plants and design to create a beautiful plan that works for us. It is unique and works so well for our home and our climate. She is a supreme professional who is so knowledgeable and creative.

— B.A. 

At lilydesign, we're passionate about using our expertise in landscape design to create beautiful, sustainable spaces that are both functional and environmentally sound. We believe that the power of the earth can be harnessed to create breathtaking land-based art that not only looks fantastic but also serves a vital purpose in our ecosystem.

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