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Garden design for garden shows

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your design.  You are the bomb" Christine F.


Kari Renaud, Certified Landscape Designer (CLD), B.Comm

Our mission is to create truly thoughtful outdoor spaces, and we believe that the quality of the design of any space, affects the quality of our existence. lilydesign aims to make inspiring spaces which become a sanctuary and a comfortable extension of the home. 
With 20 years of experience, Kari Renaud, a Certified Landscape Designer (CLD) has the expertise to fill several roles in the landscape design, planting and construction process.  In the past few years, the studio has expanded the team with Kari leading and managing a team of other talented designers, who make up lilydesign studio
Project Designer:  Working with clients to determine the overall project objectives, lilydesign studio will bring creativity and problem-solving skills to the project, ensuring suitable recommendations for each specific site and design challenge.
Consulting Services: lilydesign studio offers consulting services that are required for steering a project from a bid process through to final construction.
Project Management:  Kari will help ensure accountability and construction quality, by assisting clients in determining a budget, choosing a suitable landscape contractor, resolving any on-site disputes which might arise and the management of construction costs.
Creativity:  Great landscapes happen when a there is a well-managed balance between creativity and practical problem-solving knowledge, lilydesign studio provides both!
Objectivity:  Working as an independent agent, Kari will honestly and fairly represent the needs of the client
Confidence:  The CLD designation is your assurance that the CLD brings a high level of professional knowledge and expertise to every design project.
Experience:  Continuing education is a requirement to maintain CLD certification.

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